Need an officiant for your wedding, I might be able to help.

I just have some stipulations below.

Is Premarital Counseling Worth it? Studies say yes!

I’ve been in the wedding industry since 1995! I don’t feel like I am old enough to say I have been DJ’ing weddings for nearly 30 years, but here I am.

In 2010 I married my wife and we have 3 children.

In 2015,  I was ordained as a Minister simply as a business decision as something to add to packages. I have since married dozens of Couples and it’s been such a great addition to also be a part of that aspect of their wedding day, not just the reception.

about 3 years ago, I made the choice to take officiating off my website and not offer it as a service anymore. I would customize a script and make the ceremony special, but as I found and embraced my own faith, worked on my own relationship, and worked on personal development for myself, I didn’t feel like I was offering a worthwhile service. It was a service of convenience, not substance and that is not what I am about. If I am not putting my whole heart into something, I am not really interested.

2022… at the request of a friend, I came out of “Officiating Retirement” because she was in a bind. Call it coincidence, call it divine intervention, call it whatever you like…. after saying yes to her, I felt an overwhelming push that I should be offering Pre-Marital coaching as well. Her and her fiance’ graciously let me me practice on them to see if it was worthwhile for me to be doing.

From that first session with them after researching different aspects of things I felt were important for them to talk about… I was hooked. Being in the wedding industry for so long I have seen trends…. about a decade ago there was a HUGE push for venues to offer everything…. a one-stop shop so to speak… no need to go to a church to get married…get married on site. Trust me that is an AWESOME feature because not everybody wants a church wedding… the thing I noticed looking back though was when this started becoming a thing…. the rate of divorce was proportional. So I analyzed my own data and came to the conclusion that what was different was, no more required Premarital coaching/Counseling. Trust me when I say, I am NOT saying that it’s because they didn’t get married in a church, it’s just that church weddings required something that has been lost in the shuffle of convenience.

While religion became a part of my life and that is what led me to this path, that is not the basis of how I do things and I can customize to include or not include religion to your level of belief.

While researching and preparing for sessions with each couple I have worked with, I have been turning each session into chapters in a book I am writing. I am hoping to have it published and ready by this summer so be on the lookout for that.

For me to be your Officiant:

  • It has to be an add on to a contract for me to be the DJ at your reception. *

  • You must participate in Premarital Coaching with me (At least 3 sessions) **

* This won’t affect me providing services during the wedding ceremony if you choose not to go with me. I simply would put a microphone on whoever you choose.

** See what’s involved in the Premarital Coaching Agreement

Pre-Marital Coaching Agreement.

Before Starting Pre-Marital Coaching with you, there are a few things that must be agreed upon.

My goal for pre-marital coaching with you is to give you tools and ideas to work together to strengthen your relationship, but there are no guarantees regarding the outcome of the services provided, and I, as your coach, hold zero liability for results.

Things that we must all agree to moving forward:

First, you agree that coaching, at the present time, is an unregulated industry and that Jerry Karns is not licensed by the State of New York or any other state. For all legal purposes it must be noted that these coaching sessions are designed to give tools for success, but not to be confused with licensed counseling sessions or anything similar. You understand that all comments and ideas offered by Jerry Karns are solely for the purpose of aiding you in achieving relationship goals but ultimately are your choice to implement or ignore.


All information disclosed within coaching sessions is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without permission. This applies to information shared with, or by Jerry Karns along with information shared with, or by either member of the couple. All parties involved agree to this clause. Exceptions to this might be present, and while unlikely, could include (But not limited to):

(a) when there is reasonable suspicion of abuse

(b) when the client communicates a threat of bodily injury to others

(c) when the client has been physically injured due to violence

(d) when disclosure is required pursuant to a legal proceeding.

It should be noted that I receive occasional professional consultation. In such cases, neither your name nor any identifying information about you would be revealed.

No Secrets Policy

Complete transparency is necessary for the best chance for success. Withholding information from each other especially isn’t going to lead to meaningful work together. Not telling Jerry everything is ok if there are things you want to work out on your own, but it must be known that due to the confidentiality clause above, along with the mindset that your relationship is considered a “unit”, meaning my allegiance is to you as a couple, not either induvial, so there should be limited concern about sharing anything.

The ”No Secrets” policy expands in regard to the “unit” philosophy. If there are issues that you don’t feel comfortable at first bringing up in front of your partner and you were to message me privately. It will be brought up in a safe way at a later time. I will not keep secrets from the other member of the couple.


Participation in this program is voluntary, but certain things are required for me to continue with it. If this is a requirement by Jerry Karns to be an officiant at your wedding ceremony. The minimum of 3 sessions is required and participation by both members of the couple is paramount. In the event you choose to terminate before the 3 sessions (at least) are complete, then I will pro-rate the fee for the coaching sessions, but Jerry will no longer perform the ceremony. This will not impact the contract to DJ your reception/ceremony.  If you are utilizing this coaching program as a separate entity then sessions can be terminated at any time by either the Couple, Jerry Karns, or mutual agreement.

Jerry has phenomenal wisdom and passion, he was perfect at providing our marriage coaching. When it comes to getting this type of service having someone who is wise, genuine, and is truly a good person is vital. That is exactly who Jerry is! I loved being able to trust him to guide us properly and to be able to confidentially confide in him. He genuinely cared about us and our relationship. Our relationship was positively impacted and I’m so glad we did this prior to getting married. Thank you so much Jerry for providing such a beneficial experience to us!

Emily Skordynski

I never thought premarital coaching was as important as it is until after we worked with Jerry. Jerry brought a lot of knowledge and wisdom to us that not only helped us now, but will help our marriage though a lifetime.

Letty McFall

The Fees for Coaching Sessions are as Follows:

Officiant and Premarital Coaching Sessions:



Jerry as Officiant during Wedding Ceremony

at least 3-4 Coaching Sessions.

A Copy of My book “Say “I Do” not “I’ll Try”  (Info Here )

More sessions possible for $50 a session.


Premarital Coaching as a Stand alone Service:

$125 a session


Here are a few wedding receptions I was the officiant for…. I try to make every wedding unique and special to the couple… but I’m not reinventing the wheel here… if I come up with something that I can use in different ceremonies… there might be some overlap. Video quality kind of is what it is… I am a DJ not a videographer… to get footage, I set a camera down and hit record. Once and a while I can get footage from a professional… You’ll be able to tell when that happens.

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