There is a saying that goes “you get what you pay for”. When coming up with rates, I tried to find a balance between charging what I am worth based on what I offer and making the event affordable because weddings can be expensive… So I like to think that when hiring Prestige Worldwide Entertainment you will “get what you pay for” and then some. There is different pricing for different events because some events require a lot more attention. Check out my pricing below.


This package gets you:

  • A one on one meeting before your event to make sure the reception is personalized to your tastes
  • Over 60,000 songs to handle requests from your guests with more added each week
  • Appropriate, Tasteful and Edited Music
  • Modern Equipment with a clean, classy look to my work station
  • Fun Crowd Interactions to keep your guests involved
  • Coordination between photographers, videographers, caterers etc.
  • Modern Lighting display (does not include up lighting)
  • Up to 6 hours of Music
  • Introductions of the Bridal Party
  • Ceremonial Dances

Things you might not realize are also included with the base rate but happen behind the scenes

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Unmatched Professionalism
  • Hours a week researching Music and downloading from the Music Service I subscribe to
  • Travel time (over an hour one way there is an additional charge)
  • Loading in equipment and packing up (sometimes total this adds over 4 hours that I don’t charge for)
  • Backup equipment and sometimes backups to the backups

The base rate is $1200

Additional hours will be billed at $100 an hour.

Ceremony Fee

If you would like me to be a part of the ceremony there would be a $150 fee

That fee includes:

Microphone for the officiant. High quality microphone picks up audio for entire ceremony.

Quality sound so all guests can hear the ceremony.

Music 1/2 and hour before the ceremony begins, processional, and recessional music.

Additional Microphones for readings, songs, etc. mid ceremony if needed, no additional charge.

Time for the ceremony does not count against the time for the Base Rate.

Other Events

This package gets you:

  • Up to 4 hours of music. (there is no charge for set up or tear down time)
  • Edited music
  • Over 60,000 songs to handle requests from your guest
  • Modern light show if requested (no additional charge)

The base rate is $350

Additional hours will be charged $50 an hour.

(Unfortunately, I am not able to do a discounted rate for less hours. This is simply because if you have me booked, that takes a date off of my calendar.)

School Dances/Charity Events/Fundraisers special Rates may apply. Use the Contact tab to request information or call (607-346-1149)

Travel time over 1 hour will be billed at $50 an hour of total travel time…

For example… if the venue takes 2 hours to get to… the travel fee will be $100 (1st hour travel time, no charge… 2nd hour $50… 1st hour back, no charge, 2nd hour back … $50)

Need an Officiant for your Ceremony? I might be able to help… Check out This Page for information.