There is a saying that goes “you get what you pay for”. When coming up with pricing I tried to find a balance between charging what I am worth based on what I offer and making the event affordable because weddings can be expensive… So I like to think that when hiring Prestige Worldwide Entertainment you will “get what you pay for” and then some. There is different pricing for different events because some events require a lot more attention. Check out my pricing below.


This package gets you:

  • A one on one meeting before your event to make sure the reception is personalized to your tastes
  • Over 45,000 songs to handle requests from your guests with more added each week
  • Appropriate, Tasteful and Edited Music
  • Fun Crowd Interactions to keep your guests involved
  • Coordination between photographers, videographers, caterers etc.
  • Modern Lighting display (does not include up lighting)
  • Your first 5 hours of Music
  • Introductions of the Bridal Party
  • Ceremonial Dances

Things you might not realize are also included with the base rate but happen behind the scenes

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Unmatched Professionalism
  • Hours a week researching Music and downloading from the Music Service I subscribe to
  • Travel time (over an hour one way there is an additional charge)
  • Loading in equipment and packing up (sometimes total this adds over 2 hours that I don’t charge for)
  • Backup equipment and sometimes backups to the backups

The base rate is $750

Additonal hours will be billed at $100 an hour.

If you also need somebody to perform the ceremony for you… Click here for details on how I can help with that too!

Other Events

This package gets you:

  • Up to 4 hours of music. (there is no charge for set up or tear down time)
  • Edited music
  • Over 45,000 songs to handle requests from your guest
  • Modern light show if requested

The base rate is $250

Additional hours will be charged $50 an hour.

(Unfortunately, I am not able to do a discounted rate for less hours. This is simply because if you have me booked, that takes a date off of my calendar.)

School Dances/Charity Events/Fundraisers special Rates may apply. Use the Contact tab to request information or call (607-346-1149)

For events that require more than 1 hour travel time, a rate of $50 an hour will be charged. Additionally, engagements in excess of 200 miles will require accommodations be made for an overnight stay in a local hotel/motel and a flat rate for travel time might apply.