Answers to some FAQ… or Frequently Asked Questions if you don’t like abbreviations

What is Prestige Worldwide Entertainment?

Yes… the name of the DJ business was inspired by the movie “Stepbrothers” with that being said… Prestige Worldwide Entertainment is the business adventure of mine. While I specialize in Wedding Receptions, I also provide professional DJ services for Prom’s and School Dances, Graduation and Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Class Reunions, or anything else that needs music.

Why choose me for your wedding reception?

Your DJ can make or break your reception. It is an important choice and you need to be comfortable with your decision. My goal as a DJ for your wedding reception is to keep people there having fun as long as possible and for the day to be as stress free as possible for you. When hiring a DJ for your wedding reception, you need to hire somebody that has experience DJ’ing WEDDINGS…there is an art to it and a huge difference between doing weddings and other DJ gigs. The majority of my business is DJ’ing weddings and because of that, I am able to pull from a lot of experience to map out your special day with a timeline that flows well and keeps people interested.

When we get together before your event, we will hammer out details of everything you want to do, and don’t want to do, and set up a timeline for the day so the day of the event you can just have fun. I will take charge of keeping the flow of things going the way we discussed. I work well with people behind the scenes (caterers, photographers, videographers etc) to make sure they are in place for special events (garter toss, first dance, cake cutting etc) that way all of your special events are captured.

Do you have edited music?

I have over 45,000 songs including edited versions of most songs and add new music weekly through the music service I subscribe to. At weddings especially, but at other events as well,  I don’t think its appropriate to have unedited music, thus my subscription to radio edits.

Do you charge for setting up and tearing down?

No the time we contract for starts when I start playing music and ends when the last song is played. The only exception to that might be if the venue requires an early setup and that fee can be discussed

Do you take request?

Yes… having everything digital and on a laptop, searching for songs is very easy. If you know you want something specific, especially if it’s a little off the wall.. then letting me know in advance is your best bet. With well over 45,000 songs I can handle most requests, and if there is an internet connection song choices are endless with my music service, in the event of no internet service you and your guest are at the mercy of the songs I have (which is a lot).

Do you have Karaoke?

Yes I have karaoke. It is not a main focus of my business though, so while I have nearly 13,000 karaoke songs, I don’t have a lot of up to date songs.

If it’s an outdoor event and the weather turns bad what is your policy?

In the event of bad weather we will discuss ways to make it work and I will do everything in my power to make sure you still have fun at your event, but if I am not able to get my equipment out of the weather I will not be performing and my fee stays the same. I would be checking the forecast before the event and make sure you have stuff in place ahead of time.

How far in advance should I book my event?

ASAP… typically speaking for weddings, in the spring and summer and fall especially, I am booking up to a year in advance. The longer you wait to book, the less likely I will be available.

In the event of cancellation is there a penalty?

If you cancel less than 6 months in advance of your event, you will be charged half of the contracted amount. If you cancel more than 6 months in advance, we will discuss things on an individual basis.

How much deposit do you require?

This will be discussed on an individual basis, depending on the event. I know how stressful it can be having to come up with deposits for every vendor you book. The contract has wording that protects both of us the same as a deposit would. For your piece of mind, and/or budgeting purposes you are welcome to put a deposit down of your choosing, but it isn’t necessary from my end most of the time as long as I have a contract in place.

How many power outlets, tables, chairs will you need?

Having everything digital and on a laptop doesn’t require much space. One table and chair will work. I need one outlet for my equipment and one for the lights.

Has anyone ever brought livestock to one of your weddings?

Just seeing if people actually read to the bottom…Surprisingly… yes there was this one time with a donkey… no really… ask me about it at our meeting

What do I do if I have more questions?

Send me a message by going to My Contact Page  or check out this Blog I wrote for more in depth questions