The Most Important Aspect of your Wedding Day

What is the most important aspect of your wedding day and also the part that is most overlooked? Your DJ of course… and maybe I am biased by saying that because I am one… but I will break things down to show you why.

A slight amendment to my original statement would be… the most important part of your wedding day, besides actually getting married. The ceremony, and saying I DO takes the top spot… but that part, while super meaningful, is simple… you love each other and saying I do takes 10 seconds… so that being said, let’s look at the other aspects of your special day.

The Venue, obviously you have to have a place that fits your style, can host the number of people you invite and that will make everybody comfortable… but I have had just as much fun in a backyard under a tent as I have at some of the high end “fancy” venues.

Your cake cutting ceremony takes about 5 minutes or less… The dinner you serve lasts for about an hour… The perfect dress, flowers, decorations, favors, are important to making a nice ambiance to the event… but when is the last time you heard somebody talking about how nice the table runner was at the reception? Or when have you heard more than… “The food was really good!” when talking about a wedding reception?


What is the thing that makes all of those things come together? The DJ!

The most important part of your reception begins before you even arrive and is the last person to leave…

That is… if you hire the right one.

DJ’s don’t just show up and play music for a few hours… They meet with you ahead of time to make sure they know exactly what you want. They spend hours staying up to date on music, organizing a schedule with you, knowing what special songs you want for special dances, they arrive before everybody to set up equipment, set up lighting, making sure their area is neat and organized and ready to go. All before your guests arrive. Then stay until the party ends and have to do everything in reverse… tear down and pack everything up again. Like Kesha said… “The Party don’t Start ‘til I walk in”… it doesn’t end until I leave either!

Your DJ sets the mood before you arrive by playing background music while you are off getting pictures done. That might not seem like much, but even though it’s background music, setting the mood with soft music playing makes for a MUCH more comfortable environment than a silent room.

Your DJ is the Master of Ceremonies… they should be coordinating between the caterer and photographer and anybody else that is involved and kick off the party with your grand entrance… making sure that your wedding party is lined up and given their special moment as they enter the room… and making sure your grand entry is to the level you deserve on the most special day of your life.


Your DJ is responsible for making sure the day flows… not too much down time so things don’t get boring, not rushing through everything to get it over with (also boring).  Your DJ also is responsible to make sure your first dance as a married couple goes off without a hitch, not to mention Mother Son dance, Father Daughter Dance and any other special things you would like to do. I know I almost hate to call myself a wedding DJ… but that is the common terminology… I rather refer to myself as the MC because that is what I do… I am the Master of Ceremonies making sure dinner starts on time, there is a flow to the events… Your DJ also MC’s all of your special events like your cake cutting or Bouquet toss and should be able to interact with your guests to have them on the dance floor.  DJing a wedding reception is an art form, you have to be able to entertain everybody from the 5 year old flower girl to the 80 year old grandmother and everybody in between, while keeping a schedule flowing. A lot of times people don’t understand the perspective that a wedding reception, is throwing a party for your friends to thank them for being a part of your life, and the entertainment you provide is your gift to them.


You will probably spend more on flowers than you do on your DJ, doesn’t that sound crazy? You need to shop around to find the right DJ but don’t make that your last priority. Once you set your date and have a venue set, find the perfect DJ and hire them… or if you are a little flexible, find what dates your DJ still has available and coordinate the rest of the plans around open dates, that way you can make sure you are getting the best DJ. Especially in upstate NY, there are only so many Saturday’s to use and good DJ’s book up to a year in advance, sometimes longer. Don’t lose them because you are holding off and trying to get a cheaper one… get the good one!


To sum it all up, a month after your wedding your guests won’t remember the cake, the food, the flowers, or your table decorations, but they WILL remember what a great time they had celebrating your wedding and being entertained by the fabulous DJ you chose!


This is YOUR special event!!!


The DJ is the most important part of your event… and your wedding will be the most important event of your life to that point, don’t get stuck with a sub par DJ because you waited too long or tried to save a couple bucks.

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