Friday night wedding? DO IT!

So, you’re engaged… CONGRATS…. Now comes the planning… before you pick anything… have you thought about a Friday night wedding? DO IT!

As a wedding DJ … I have found that Friday night weddings are SOO much better. There are certainly some pros and cons to consider before you settle on a Friday night wedding and I will go through as many as I can think of… feel free to add your own commentary in the comment section too.



Guests are typically more inclined to let loose on a Friday night than they would on a Saturday because they have 2 days to recover.

Most guests work schedules are often flexible enough to allow them to leave early on a Friday (who doesn’t like sneaking out early!)

If the wedding is Friday night, guests still have their weekends free. A Saturday wedding eats up most of the day between the ceremony and reception.

Out of town guest will have an additional day to stay and visit or travel.

Midweek airfare is less expensive versus on a weekend.

Wedding vendors have greater availability on Fridays

Cost is typically cheaper with most vendors and venues

Planning a rehearsal dinner? Most restaurants are much more accommodating of a large group on a Thursday than on a Friday.

Friday receptions start later…and so can hair appointments, makeup, & pictures; this leaves more time to sleep in & relax on the big day

No early morning drives to the airport!  Most honeymoon packages start on Sunday, so the day after the wedding the bride and groom can sleep in, open gifts and visit with out-of-town guests



Not everybody will be able to make it. It’s just a fact. There are going to be people that can’t make it at all… or might not be able to make it to the ceremony but can make it to the reception. That is going to be the case always though regardless if it’s a Friday or Saturday. No date is going to work with everybody so check with the major players… immediate family members, wedding party etc… if they are all good…. Then everybody else should be too. Just don’t take it personally if somebody can’t make it. Typically wedding plans start a year in advance… or minimum 7—8 months… that should be plenty of time for people to plan if you send out a save the date.

Depending on the time of year… a night wedding might be an issue. Summertime weddings it doesn’t get dark until 9pm or after, so older guests that might not drive after dark should have plenty of time to enjoy themselves and leave in time… whereas a spring or fall wedding it gets dark much earlier and older guest might not come at all.

Typically, if you are having a Friday Night wedding it should be a later start time if you are being accommodating… that can be a pro or con.


So… as you can see there are some things to think over before you decide. My thoughts on Friday night weddings… If a wedding reception starts at 7…. most people will make that their last plans for the night as opposed to a Saturday afternoon wedding… people might plan for 4 or 5 hours but make plans for afterwards (be home for the sitter by a certain time, etc.). The DJ can be doing an incredible job, but if guests have made plans, they are going to leave regardless. Friday night weddings, they are there for the night. It’s always easier to get into “party mode” at night than it is on a Saturday afternoon. TGIF is a real thing… people have worked hard all week and are ready to unwind by the time Friday rolls around so when they leave work they are already in the mood to have a good time. I personally like DJing Friday night weddings so much that I offer a discount. Give me a call to see if your Friday night is still available!