Food For thought

As a wedding DJ I get to eat some pretty amazing food just about every weekend! That is a definite perk of the job, but there is one thing that makes me cringe every time I hit the buffet line….

MESSY FOOD! As a generally messy eater, the site of red sauce sends shivers of panic throughout my body. I look at that delicious pan of baked ziti and begin to imagine how good it is going to taste, but that impending joy is soon overcome by the fear of a stain on my shirt. Typically, guest and members of the wedding party, along with the DJ and photographer, are dressed really well to attend the festivities. It goes without fail though, almost every wedding I am a part of  (just about every weekend) there are choices that I skip over on the buffet line because, frankly,  its safer that way than risking a new, unwanted, design on my cloths.

I am not a caterer, nor do I pretend to be, so maybe when you talk to yours you can come up with suggestions to avoid this potentially messy situation. I just know when I see Chicken BBQ, I know I have to get extra napkins… and a fork.. (or stop for something to eat after I leave because I didn’t take the risk) You know the chicken BBQ that is a 1/4 of a chicken with the bones still attached… delicious, but without a doubt, even the best tasting, perfectly cooked 1/4 of a chicken is a greasy mess. Maybe you could price shop and see what the difference in price would be to just have the same grilled chicken breast, have the same flavor but you would be more likely to use a fork and knife and less likely to use your fingers?  Pasta in Red Sauce? YIKES! What a great cost saving alternative, filling food that is inexpensive and pretty universally appealing to most, just the potential for an unwanted tie dye makes me nervous. I am sure there are others too.. but those are two that stick out as being fairly common. When going over your menu, maybe just for the sake of your guests, think to yourself “how messy could this food be?”.

It’s quite possible that I am the only one who worries about this stuff, because I know that I am a messy eater, and I also know I have to be in front of the crowd the whole night. Just some food for thought (pun intended haha).


stained shirt