Jerry Karns

Phone: (607) 346-1149

I can’t express this enough… Technology stinks!!  I tend to respond to emails faster than ANYBODY (when my email server decides to send them to me)… so if you don’t get a response… shoot me a text.

If you can get that to work… scan it, then hit save… it does a magic trick 🙂

I know your time is valuable so I do my best not to waste it. I have tried my very best to answer as many questions as you might have on my website before you contact me. I don’t hide fee’s, I don’t make you call me to get pricing so I can charge you more if your venue is fancier… I am as transparent as I can be to make sure that when you are contacting me, we are on the same page.

Before you fill out the form below here are some things you might be asking when you email that I have already answered…

What do you charge? … Click Here  For my Rates… for real… bare minimum read this page before you go through the whole process only to ask me what I charge. 

Can I see a sample of your contract? … Sure, click Here

Wedding planning sites tend to give you a list of questions to as your DJ. I read those sites and compiled their questions and answered most of them. …. Like  This?  or These?

If you have been through all of these pages and things look great…. it’s time to fill out the form below to see if I am available or not.

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If you don’t receive a response to your email within a day or two… feel free to text me at the number above or message me on  Facebook. For real… I’d rather get two messages from you … than miss one.